No. 1 Trusted Company

No. 1 Trusted Company

Certified and Recognised

Certified and Recognised

Leading Service Provider

Leading Service Provider


Civil Engineering Consultant

At ZALIG, we offer a wide range of quality Geotechnical, Environmental, Material testing, Transportation, Survey and Hydrotechnical engineering services to clients in both the public and private sectors. Operating from our base in Western Canada, our industry-leading experts set the pace in various geotechnical, environment, and construction service markets.

Geotechnical Services in Alberta
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ZALIG are partners you can depend on.

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ZALIG focuses on quality than quantity.

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Our credibility speaks
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Tactically strategic, to lower your risks.


ZALIG passionately do new things.


Inevitable success built on collaboration.


Our competition copy us intentionally.

Time and again, we have proven ourselves as industry leaders in providing innovative, insightful, and practical geotechnical and environmental solutions. We work with clients from a wide range of industries, offering superior, cost-effective engineering, construction material testing, and survey services. Our multi-disciplined in-house team comprises professionals with specialized experience in both simple and complex projects included in our service offerings.

In a rapidly changing business environment, our purpose aims to deliver cost effective solutions through innovation, trust, teamwork, quality and creativity: while assisting clients make concrete decisions. This guides our decisions and shapes how we treat our clients. It symbolizes our commitment to working towards the highest quality outcomes for our clients, people and society.

Our vision brings several opinions together to attain the most significant engineering decisions that matters most. Our system thinking and cross-disciplinary approach encourages diversity of thought, and people while building rapport that helps our clients save without compromising in quality..

ZALIG adopts a lean approach to project management as a core value in our corporate policy manual and quality management system. the efforts of our personnel in embracing the improved processes and developing a quality management system were rewarded. Our staff development program currently consists of structured mentoring, formal education in project management fundamentals as well as ZALIG business studies. we have developed an in-house rotational staff training and development program to ensure staff development in all areas of civil engineering and individual career development plans are met.