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ZALIG Consulting is an employee owned consulting company specializing in the geotechnical and environmental sector of civil engineering. We have been in business for many years after serving a number of reputable consulting firms in the consulting engineering market.
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ZALIG adopts a lean approach to project management as a core value in our corporate policy manual and quality management system. the efforts of our personnel in embracing the improved processes and developing a quality management system were rewarded.

Our staff development program currently consists of structured mentoring, formal education in project management fundamentals as well as ZALIG business studies. we have developed an in-house rotational staff training and development program to ensure staff development in all areas of civil engineering and individual career development plans are met. ZALIG has internal training programs established in the following: safety training, geotechnical and materials testing, and engineering and technologist training.

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Geotechnical Engineering

We understand the value of providing a comprehensive yet cost effective solution...


Environmental Engineering

Caring for the environment is important to us but it can present some challenges...


Material Testing

All tests are performed in collaboration with our partner company...



Our projects range from property and topographic surveys for residential...

Geotechnical and Civil Engineering Projects

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Safety Commitment

ZALIG is committed to excellence in safety performance which starts with our 5 safety values which emphasise the attitude and behaviour we expect to see from anyone who works with us and for us. ZALIG empower workers to speak up if they feel the work they’re asked to do is unsafe.

The commitments are our dedication to every worker in ZALIG. Our commitment to workers and their families is that they return home safely every day. All injuries are preventable:

  • Never rush into work because it leads to unsafe work practices
  • Everyone is obligated to refuse unsafe work, stop and raise concerns about the hazards seen
  • All levels of supervision are accountable for safety performance
  • Employee and contractor commitment is essential to safety performance
  • Returning to our families is of utmost importance
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Industries of our Past Clients

ZALIG have been able to serve a number of clients from several industries, including telecommunication, utilities, industrial, transmission lines, municipalities and residential clients.

We continue to remain relevant in the industry with a strong focus of customer retention, while offering quality services:

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    Communication Towers

    We currently serve several tower construction clients in Western Canada.

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    Residential/Industrial/Commercial Developers

    We currently serve several developers in Western Canada, by helping them achieve their design objectives.

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    Municipal Projects

    We currently serve a selected number of Municipalities in Western Canada, on improvement road projects.


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10665 Jasper Avenue, 14th Floor, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 3S9, Canada  (Alberta Office).
Phone number: 587-416-3535
2010 11th Ave, 7th Floor, Regina, SK S4P 0J3  (Saskatchewan Office).
Phone number: 306-400-9429
7404 King George Blvd, Suite 200, Surrey, BC V3W 1N6  (British Columbia Office).
Phone number: 604-262-8964
1 (800) 515 0497
Mon. – Fri. 9:00 – 17:00Sat. 9:00 – 17:00Sun. Closed

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