ZALIG: Your go-to solution provider for geotechnical, environmental, material testing, and survey services across diverse industrial sectors.

Effective use of land for building and construction purposes starts from good project design and structural assessment of the site to ensure the project's success. ZALIG can assist you in providing that every aspect of your project is done right.

As cities grow, the need to upgrade existing systems and infrastructure becomes crucial. Employ ZALIG's forward-thinking approach and adapt your city with sustainable technologies and solutions.

From roads and rails to ports around Canada, the public sector can leverage ZALIG mobility industry services like geotechnical engineering and environmental services to undertake projects that will be of great value to the population.

Dams, water resources, and marine-related projects can pose various geotechnical challenges. Other aspects like wastewater treatment and underwater investigations require significant expertise—partner with us for success.

The complexities involved in designing and executing industrial infrastructure and services are enormous. You need a partner like ZALIG who understands your priorities and can provide innovative and cost-effective solutions.

The telecommunication industry is changing every day, and companies are requiring more cutting-edge and comprehensive geotechnical and environmental solutions to thrive. ZALIG industry-leading professionals can help you stay on top of current trends.