ZALIG Survey is performed by affiliates, which are led by licensed surveyors and supported by survey crews, managers, and technicians.

Our Survey Services include the following:

  • Topographical Surveys

  • Private Utility Surveys

  • Surveys

Our projects range from topographic sketches for residential and commercial developments to large infrastructure plans for bridges, highways, buildings, parks, utilities, and railways. Our representatives uses the most up-to-date surveying equipment and techniques, including 3D high-definition laser scanning, GPS, GPR, total stations, digital levels and data collectors and associated software. We keep pace with evolving technology and follow a rigorous quality assurance and control program to ensure we exceed client’s objectives.

It is the main element of a base map for any sketch and the foundation for design. Topographic maps generally depict the physical characteristics of sites, including buildings, curbing, utilities, spot elevations and contours. We understand the importance of this type of survey and the need for clients to expect an accurate product on a timely basis. We use conventional surveying methods with reflector-free robotic total stations, GPS, high-definition 3D laser scanning, digital levels and data collectors in the course of collecting topographic data.
The accurate location of underground utilities is critical for infrastructure improvement projects such as the design and construction of subways, electric and gas mains, and sewer and water mains. Utility surveys are also needed for private site connections and upgrades. We use state-of-the-art magnetic locators and ground penetrating radar—a non-destructive testing technology that provides a wide range of information about materials and potential obstructions, both underground and within structures.

Representative Projects