Zalig conducts comprehensive geotechnical investigations for diverse projects, encompassing residential, commercial, and public sectors. Our scope covers transportation, infrastructure, and water management systems. The process involves drilling boreholes, logging, onsite soil sampling, visual soil classification, laboratory examinations, and geotechnical evaluations to formulate tailored recommendations that meet the unique demands of each project.

Zalig also provide Geotechnical investigations for subdivisions providing:

Zalig specializes in providing geotechnical assessment and evaluations.

Zalig's design services are concentrated on:

Zalig specializes in the numerical simulation and assessment of various geotechnical challenges.

Zalig specializes in the provision and oversight of a variety of geotechnical instrumentation installation and monitoring services.

Within our construction support offerings, geotechnical assistance is provided in:

Our multidisciplinary team of environmental engineers, geotechnical engineers, and geologists have the experience and capability of handling all types of research, contracting, and consulting tasks for all geotechnical projects anywhere in Western Canada. We do everything from desk site study and field investigation to factual reporting, slope stability analysis, geotechnical interpretation, design, supervision, and foundation assessments.

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