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 Geotechnical Engineering

Our Geotechnical engineers understand the value of providing a comprehensive Efficient yet cost effective solution.

 Environmental Engineering

Caring for the environment is important to us but it can present some challenges. Trying to stay ahead of ever-changing state and federal regulations is a continuing endeavor.

 Construction Material Testing

We have the experience and expertise to provide quality assurance testing services that deliver accurate and reliable results. We are your trusted partner for construction materials testing contracts.


ZALIG offers surveys in Western Canada, serving clients across different sectors, including industrial, commercial, private, and public sector clients.

 Hydrotechnical Engineering
Controlling water paths plays a significant role in projects, especially from irrigation, sustainable power production, water channels/diversion and rerouting, flood basins, erosion control, drainage, and land transport.
 Transportation Engineering
Transportation Engineering analysis needs to be integrated with other disciplines to address the transportation problems associated with complex modern societies.
 Planning Services

At ZALIG  we offer urban planning, sustainability, urban design, public engagement and project management services.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Information regarding the ownership of the property

    If the property is owned by anyone other than the client issuing the RFP, this information needs to be conveyed to the Geotechnical Engineer in order to coordinate proper site authorization.

  • Type of frame: concrete, steel, masonry bearing

    The type of frame matters to a Geotechnical Engineer only as further understanding of the total design.

  • Corrosion and grounding considerations part of the contract?

    Geotechnical Engineers are usually proficient at recommending pavement types. If this is issued as part of the Geotechnical Report, overall cost savings could be achieved. As an aside, this would require additional coordination between the structural and Civil disciplines.

  • Any unusual total or differential settlement constraints, structure loading conditions, or site-specific physical constraints that would affect the type of foundation system recommended?

    If there are unusual site specific or building specific constraints, then the Geotechnical Engineer should be made aware so that the drilling and sampling program can be tailored to the constraints and these issues can be addressed in the report.

  • Where can I find more information?

    You can contact us by sending a mail to or using the telephone number:+1-800-515-0497

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