We have the experience and expertise to provide quality assurance testing services that deliver accurate and reliable results. We are your trusted partner for construction materials testing contracts.

ZALIG offers a comprehensive range of testing procedures on various construction materials. Whether you need to verify construction materials quality, detect defects, improve new materials, analyze material failures or conduct theoretical research on material strength, you need a company with effective material testing capabilities. Construction materials testing involves a range of analyses and observations performed in the lab and on-field during construction projects. Materials testing aims to ascertain the quality of materials used, stay in compliance with regulatory specifications and meet industry standards.

Our material testing services are for construction materials like soil, concrete, asphalt, cement, and many others, of which we employ mechanical, chemical, physical, and non-destructive testing methods to analyze.

It is crucial to verify the quality of your construction materials on the job to stay in compliance with specifications, construction standards and ensure the project's safety and success. You need a material testing partner who can work hand in hand with you to plan and execute rigorous material testing to ensure that quality projects are delivered on time and within budget. ZALIG is that partner. We will make everything convenient for you by bringing our lab and equipment to your site.

We have better material testing capability than most commercial material testing labs in Western Canada, and we can design a specialized testing approach to meet your project's needs. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you meet your construction material testing needs.