We have been providing effective CBR Testing and Plate Testing Services to the Construction industry for years, and during this time we have gathered the skills and experience required to provide accurate, responsive and reliable CBR Testing. Our CBR testing expertise forms part of a comprehensive Geotechnical, Site Investigation and Chemical Analysis services we offer to the Civil Engineering and Construction Industries.

We make use of high-quality equipment to ensure no errors are made during the whole procedure. Some of the apparatus we use include; Dial gauges and Spacer discs. We also use Surcharge Weights, Loading Machines, and most importantly, the Penetration Plunger. Each of these components will ensure successful penetration of the site’s ground and provide accurate calibration to complete the test successfully. Our CBR Testing services provide accurate and detailed CBR values. These values allow construction companies to determine how stable the ground is and whether it will be able to hold the intended project. This will prevent further issues once the project is underway.