ZALIG is a Canadian-based full earth-work service company providing top-quality geotechnical, environmental, material testing, and survey services at a competitive cost to clients from different industrial sectors.


ZALIG is a multidisciplinary team of geotechnical and environmental engineers with a service capability that can support a wide range of projects across different sectors. Our services include geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, construction material testing, and surveying, all of which we employ our unique skill and vast experience to provide the best service. We pride ourselves in adding value to projects and offering the highest quality of service to every client.

Our service capability covers a broad spectrum of geotechnical, environmental, materials testing, and survey projects. We are renowned for the quality of our work and expertise in handling various capital projects in even the most challenging fields of infrastructure, manufacturing, mining sectors, and various government agencies as well as indigenous clients. As a Canadian-based company, we are distinguished by our turnkey project implementation process and our mission to serve communities we operate in with excellence. We are all about providing outstanding services on time and budget.

ZALIG work capabilities are backed by industry best professionals experienced and leveraged by our in-house drilling specialist and certified construction material testing lab to undertake even the most complex projects from start to finish.

Time and again, we have proven ourselves as industry leaders in providing innovative, insightful, and practical geotechnical and environmental solutions. We work with clients from a wide range of industries, offering superior, cost-effective engineering, construction material testing, and survey services. Our multi-disciplined in-house team comprises professionals with specialized experience in both simple and complex projects included in our service offerings.

In a rapidly changing business environment, our purpose aims to deliver cost effective solutions through innovation, trust, teamwork, quality and creativity: while assisting clients make concrete decisions. This guides our decisions and shapes how we treat our clients. It symbolizes our commitment to working towards the highest quality outcomes for our clients, people and society.

Our vision brings several opinions together to attain the most significant engineering decisions that matters most. Our system thinking and cross-disciplinary approach encourages diversity of thought, and people while building rapport that helps our clients save without compromising in quality..
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ZALIG are partners you can depend on.

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ZALIG focuses on quality than quantity.

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Our credibility speaks
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Tactically strategic, to lower your risks.


ZALIG passionately do new things.


Inevitable success built on collaboration.


Our competition copy us intentionally.

ZALIG adopts a lean approach to project management as a core value in our corporate policy manual and quality management system. the efforts of our personnel in embracing the improved processes and developing a quality management system were rewarded. Our staff development program currently consists of structured mentoring, formal education in project management fundamentals as well as ZALIG business studies. we have developed an in-house rotational staff training and development program to ensure staff development in all areas of civil engineering and individual career development plans are met.


Design Integration

We are experienced and professional enough to provide you a proper plan, phase by phase, for the better integration of your project design.



ZALIG is ready to be at your service. However, with tighter timelines and budgets shortfalls, speed becomes essential. ZALIG will deliver on time, on budget, all the time, and every time.



ZALIG always ensures efficient collaboration with the project managers and labor from time to time to ensure everything is going well and the results would be worthwhile.



In these challenging economic times, every project needs to maximize your project's value more than ever. ZALIG will provide the highest value for your budget.


APEGA, COR & COMPLYWORKS certified consulting company

You can be rest assured that you are dealing with one of the most qualified firms in Western Canada.



ZALIG has an unwavering commitment to providing quality service that exceeds our clients' and regulators' expectations.



The proper completion of your project is really necessary. No negligence shall be made to ensure the reliability of a project and ZALIG is pretty good at this.



With more than 50 yrs of combined experience in the civil engineering sector, emphasizing contract administration, construction, and value engineering. ZALIG's unwavering strength in engineering and research exceeds all our competitors.

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