Explore Zalig Engineering’s dedicated environmental engineering services in Alberta, a hub for sustainable project development. Visit Zalig Engineering - Environmental Engineering to discover how we manage and execute comprehensive environmental assessments across the region. Our services include detailed environmental impact assessments in Alberta, ensuring all projects meet the stringent local and national environmental standards. Whether you're involved in large-scale industrial developments or local construction projects, our expert team provides essential environmental assessment and enviro assessment in Alberta, delivering key insights and clear strategies for environmental compliance. Trust Zalig Engineering to guide your projects towards sustainability and ecological responsibility in Alberta.

Caring for the environment is important to us but it can present some challenges. Trying to stay ahead of ever-changing state and federal regulations is a continuing endeavor.

ZALIG provides top-quality environmental consulting and engineering services in Western Canada; we support both public and private clients in the development of solid waste and wastewater infrastructure and treatment facilities. We also undertake various subsurface environmental investigations associated with geotechnical design and remediation of identified hazardous materials.

Our expertise spans a range of services for the analysis, development, and upgrade of public and private sector infrastructure. We have a unique project design, water supply monitoring, inspection, storage, treatment, and distribution. Also associated with our environmental engineering services are recycling, wastewater conveyance and treatment, landfill, and waste-to-energy facilities. ZALIG also partners with government bodies and industries to reduce the emission of harmful environmental waste, resolve environmental issues, manage ecological and health risks, and reduce financial liabilities and costs.

Environmental Engineering

We take a personal approach when dealing with clients to make sure that our services are bespoke. We do this by assessing the unique environmental circumstances and recommending the right approach to deliver the needed results. Our deep knowledge of provincial environmental regulatory laws combined with scientific investigative techniques and equipment allow us to devise effective environmental engineering solutions for our clients.

ZALIG is committed to quality service. Our success is built on repeat business and referrals; therefore, we strive to provide complete client satisfaction in site safety and work performance.

At ZALIG, we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective, technically superior, and professional environmental consulting and engineering services to meet our clients' needs. With our team of dedicated and experienced staff at your service, you rest assured that your project will be completed according to specifications. Our multidisciplinary staff has diverse professional and educational backgrounds, and we are constantly retraining ourselves to stay current with the latest environmental practices.

Leveraging our technical skills, certifications, and experience, we have completed projects for clients from different sectors, including major industries, government agencies, manufacturers, commercial establishments, among many others.


ZALIG specializes in Environmental Engineering in Alberta, focusing on Environmental Impact Assessments.

ZALIG’s Environmental Impact Assessment in Alberta evaluates potential environmental effects of projects, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

ZALIG’s Enviro Assessment in Alberta thoroughly examines environmental impacts on biodiversity, soil, and water quality, and public health protection.

Choosing ZALIG for an Environmental Assessment in Alberta ensures early identification of environmental risks, facilitating effective mitigation and compliance with environmental standards.