ZALIG’s industrial hygienists help organizations identify, evaluate and control environmental and occupational health hazards. Our experienced team offers expertise assessment and control of hazardous materials, environmental health and safety consulting, regulatory compliance and comprehensive consulting in the field of industrial hygiene. Whether it’s indoor air quality, biological or chemical hazards, noise or other workplace health threats, we offer expert assistance to control exposures and hazards at a reasonable cost. ZALIG’s certified and licensed professionals combine knowledge, experience, innovation and sound practical judgment to help protect and enhance the health and safety of people at work and in their communities.

Services include: Risk assessment Asbestos surveying and remediation Indoor air quality consulting for mold and moisture Healthcare infection control risk management Ventilation assessment and engineering Radon testing Vapor intrusion studies Laboratory Health and safety Occupational exposure assessments Health and safety training Hazardous waste operations oversight Industrial and regulatory toxicology OSHA compliance auditions Safety program development Accident/incident investigation Air monitoring and sampling Nonionizing radiation investigations Combustible/explosive dust investigations