ZALIG works with public works, other public-sector and industrial clients to address the management, disposal and treatment of solid waste. We are experts in the development, design, construction, operation and closure of landfills, recycling plants, transfer stations and waste-to-energy facilities. We develop solutions that address the ultimate disposal of waste, including municipal solid waste, refuse, liquid wastes, ash, and other products derived from both municipal and industrial facilities. In addition, we help our clients earn regulatory approval and public acceptance for their projects

Services include: Landfill closure, capping, and expansion planning, and design. Transfer station layout, open or totally enclosed, grade-separated or at grade, separation of user classes for safety and discharge efficiency. Truck scales designs including transaction recording Tarping stations design Truck wash and fueling facilities design Public convenience drop-off and recycling drop-off area designs Waste-to-energy and resource recovery facility design Support facilities designs including reception, administration and staff facilities Site planning and design Bond feasibility reports and/or engineering opinions for bond financing Existing conditions assessments Storm drainage and stormwater management Environmentally sensitive area protection and mitigation Geotechnical evaluations Hydrogeologic studies Regulatory compliance Operations plan and procedures Construction management Quality assurance monitoring