Geotechnical site investigation and environmental site assessment are critical components of the subdivision approval process. These investigations help to determine the feasibility and safety of a proposed development, as well as to identify any potential environmental impacts or hazards.

Geotechnical site investigation involves the collection and analysis of data about the physical and mechanical properties of soil and rock at a particular site. This includes determining the soil type, density, and moisture content, as well as the presence of any underground structures or hazards. This information is used to determine the stability and strength of the ground, and to identify any potential risks to the proposed development.

Environmental site assessment, on the other hand, involves the evaluation of a site's potential impacts on the environment. This includes evaluating the site's air, water, and soil quality, as well as its potential to contribute to pollution or other environmental hazards. The assessment also includes an evaluation of the site's flora and fauna, and an assessment of any potential impacts on endangered species or ecosystems.

Both geotechnical site investigation and environmental site assessment are important considerations in the subdivision approval process, as they help to ensure that the proposed development is safe and sustainable. By conducting these investigations, developers can identify any potential issues and make the necessary adjustments to their plans, helping to protect both the environment and the community

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