Geotechnical site investigation is a process that involves collecting and analyzing information about the soil and rock formations at a construction site. This information is used to understand the physical and engineering properties of the soil and rock, and to assess the potential risks and hazards that may affect the construction project.

Geotechnical site investigation is important for both industrial and residential projects because it provides critical information that is needed to design and construct the project safely and effectively. Some of the key benefits of geotechnical site investigation include:

In summary, geotechnical site investigation is an important part of the planning and design process for industrial and residential projects. It provides critical information about the soil and rock conditions at the construction site, and it helps to identify potential risks and hazards that may affect the project. By understanding the geotechnical conditions at the site, it is possible to design and construct projects safely and effectively, and to minimize the risk of construction delays and cost overruns

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