Requisition # 2020AB4786


  • General:
    • Run cost reports and MAKE PROFIT.
    • Client communications, relationships and leadership.
    • Coordinate entire project team (Field, Admin, Accounting, Subs, and Design etc.)
    • Directly manage superintendents – hold supers accountable to their job description.
    • Directly manage project administrators Projects Managers have a yearly goal to run 10% of work that they have brought in on their own.
    • Project managers are encouraged to join a business organization.
    • Collaborate with engineers and architects to best determine the specifications of the project.
    • Negotiate contracts with external venders to maximize profit and quality.
    • Obtain permits and licenses from appropriate authorities.
    • Determine needed resource (manpower, equipment and material) from start to finish and be aware of construction budget.
    • Plan all constriction operations and schedule intermediate with all deadlines.
    • Oversee equipment and material and monitor manpower.
    • Monthly update of contract total including Owner Change Orders (end of month) – Buy out.
    • Projected profitability (projected total job profit at completion of job).
    • Monthly owner billing vs total costs (monthly owner billing).
    • Identify contingency on project.
    • General Status of each project.
    • Discuss work load of Project Manager and Superintendents.
    • Owner Billing.
    • Cost reports printed for each job.
    • Any issues or actions required on each job.
    • List of subcontractor change orders with corresponding owner change order back up.
    • Discuss holdbacks / contingency money for possible costs risks moving forward.
    • Verify each month that PO and invoices matches. It is the responsibility of the project manager to verify all change orders and billing matches.
    • Set up projects in Procore
    • Confirm startup form completed by Estimator
    • Issue, create and/or coordinate owner contract
    • Confirm money is in place to pay for work
    • Coordinate and issue subcontracts – Coordinate buyouts with Estimator
    • Coordinate Internal and External handover meetings
    • Make sure all the logistics are handled (access, contracts, temporary facilities…)

Minimum Requirement

  • LEED green Associate required
  • 10+ years of commercial and/or multi-family construction experience, with at least 5 years of experience as a Project Manager
  • Ability to perform the essential duties and work in the several locations.